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News Olia, a Paraguayan short at a Cannes 2017 exhibition


Olia, a Paraguayan short at a Cannes 2017 exhibition

A short directed by one of our directors: Tania Cattebeke, was part of the Cannes’ Short Film Corner, specifically of the series of projections organised by the Kisakes Film Festival, a festival from Turkey, where it had been selected in 2016.

In Olia acts the family of the director, and is inspired by a family history. The voiceover was performed by a professional actress, Maria Elena Oviedo, and the postproduction was in charge of Rodrigo Sosa.



Jose’i is a child who has no one to stay with while his mother works. His mother asks a mute neighbour to take care of him in her absence. Jose’i cares for Olia, whom he calls her like that because he can’t pronounce her real name: Gloria. She announces herself with a bell every time she arrives at the house, so that Jose’i goes to the playground. Olia and Jose’i build a very strong relationship, until one day Olia dies. From that moment everything changes.

In addition, these are some festivals in which the short film was selected:

  • Finalist: Emerging Voices. Estados Unidos, 2016.
  • Official selection: KisaKes Short Film Festival. Turquía, 2016.
  • Official selection: Festival de Cine de Equinoxio. Colombia, 2016.
  • Official selection: FINCAR – Festival Internacional de Cinema de Realizadoras. Brasil, 2016.

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